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My name is Shafeen Charania.

I was born in Tanzania, am Canadian and now live in the US Pacific Northwest. I have traveled and worked in many countries around the world. This has shaped my thinking profoundly.

I graduated with an engineering degree from the University of Waterloo, but have spent phase one of my career in various marketing and market development roles for companies like IBM, Sybase and Microsoft. I have recently left Microsoft to establish a company focused on scalable innovation in education.

I am routinely amazed and inspired by the educators I meet and have met. Their passion, creativity, commitment, and capacity to give is ...special. I will focus much of the conversation in this blog on education.

I am interested in developing insight by synthesizing what I learn and what's around me; connecting concepts; finding relevancy; and then communicating that in a compelling way to create outcomes.

It took the 2008 US election to get me to start writing a blog, but I hope to see it continue and speak to a breadth of topics as time happens.